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Samyukta India Press (SIP), scheduled to be launched shortly, is the book publishing wing of Samyukta India. Our aim is to consolidate the capabilities we have gained over the last twenty years in the domain of academic publishing. The professed objective to provide a platform for scholars who are constantly challenging disciplinary boundaries with critical engagement in the fields of gender and culture would be further strengthened with book-length studies, monographs, collections of research papers on a more wide range of disciplines. We hope this will encourage a certain degree of cognitive flexibility in academic publishing, with a happy combination of critical thinking and creative expression.
At SIP we shall continue our practice of selecting material for publication after rigorous review. We would soon be venturing into publishing creative material as well. It is our belief that works of poetry, drama and fiction will transform reader experience, taking them to new and unchartered waters. In the present age of utility bound exercises, this can prompt readers to dream of touching distant horizons and reaching out to the stars.