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This week we bring you Anju Sosan George who writes about the interim silences that life is full of. Her works delve into the complex negotiations that women carry on with the world around them. “Anju George’s poetry deals sensitively with relationships, love, loss, yearning… Her poems are suffused with both emotion and insight, and speak of one who feels intensely, and puts words to her feelings,” wrote Dr. Shashi Tharoor in the blurb of her book Woes of a Working Woman.

Anju’s world of words opens into the ordinary. They are a reminder that life is short lived, and that one needn’t always shout to be heard, a tiny whisper in the right direction could also create an echo of change. She believes that women like her who juggle work, family, relationships, deadlines have more in them than what meets the eye. Their age is still to come, and they are getting ready. 

When asked about what writing meant to her, she alluded to G K Chesterton’s words “Fairy tales do not tell children monsters exist. Children already know that. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.” For Anju, writing is a way of articulating the truth. A way of coming out of denial. “Writing to me is to kill the hypocrite I am asked to shield. It is also for my children to remember, perhaps long after I am gone, that I did try for a better world, for their children. Let dragons be killed.”

Anju Sosan George is an Assistant Professor at the Department of English at CMS College, Kottayam and the author of the poetry collection The Woes of a Working Woman.


Writing Oneself

Words don’t come out in a rush,

They hide behind folds of your thought

Peep from the crevices of your soul

Treading meekly

Afraid if it’s another mistake

To speak about yourself.

Listen to Writing Oneself


I know how it feels

when you cut your hand

 while carving a gourd for the curry.

It stings and draws a drop or two of blood.

You are hurting nevertheless.

You don’t stop and make a fuss of your torn body part.

Do you?

You keep slicing and dicing the next gourd,

The knife still running at what it does best.

Why should a torn heart be any different?

Listen to Efficiency


She spoke of the equality of men and women.

I heard the applause.

The floor was stunned into silence

It was the passion in her words.

“Sisters, rise up to your freedom,

Fight your own wars”, she said.

“Docility begets dominance

Suffer silently no more.

Search for the warrior spirit within”.

I heard the crowd applaud again.

It was late when she got back home.

I noticed first the incoherent words.

Preoccupied, she hardly listened.

Kept glancing fearfully at her golden dial.

The door was ajar when she walked in home.

She hastily turned and crossed into the room.

I heard a swear, a bang and a muffled cry.

An angry voice said, “Again late. Its past eight o clock”.

The next day the crowd applauded again.

Only I noticed the gash on her chin.

Listen to Equality


We are capable of violence

More than we ever know.

Hot angry words seethe in our brains

Pouring itself out in hissing tones.

It is the end of a long day,

You are tired and can’t take any more.

You try to control your rage.

You shake yourself.

You remind yourself.

You are a mother.

His mother.

While he stands still with running paint

All over his body,

Your study

And the newly painted bedroom walls.

All you know is to weep.

But then he comes running,

Tears pouring out of little eyes,

Hugs you with tiny hands

And asks innocently

“Amma, why are you crying?”

Listen to Innocence

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  1. Athira


  2. Anne Kunnath

    Anju, enjoyed reading your poems..

  3. Rijoola Basheer

    Anju Ma’am..
    My dearest ❤️.. my heart brims with joy while reading you. There’s a magic in everything- from taking Shakespearean plays, to motivating people, to jotting random thoughts and what not.. you are phenomenal.. My Mentor.. ❤️❤️

    1. Jinto

      Dear anju,
      Your ‘ innocence’ made my eyes wet… awesome.,..really..

  4. Derin


  5. Ashly Jossy

    Misse, all your poems are beautifully woven. I loved it. My favorite is ‘Efficiency’. I really love the way you transforms ordinary things into soothing words. It is even more overwhelming to see how you creates short and beautiful poems on the common experiences of women. All the best for your future ventures misse❤️❤️

    1. Lal Uncle Trivandrum

      That was an explosion. Incandescence. The simplicity is explicit. For the poet nothing is minor. You find expression from insignificance.
      Fluent. You have arrived.

  6. susan

    clean lines, understated and powerful. that emotion and senses are raw and non-intellectualized strike a chord in ordinary persons who are also familiar with a finger cut and spilled tears and the ‘dream deferred’.

  7. Anjana

    Loved all her poems.. Proud to be her student.

  8. Savyasachi K G

    Your observations about the day to day life, the manner in which you link it with your imagination, are really wonderful. Will be very delighted if you widen your areas of interest, and experiment more in that direction.

    1. Susan Roy

      Anju, it’s simply poetry!!! If Efficiency touches on the nuances of daily routine, laced with duties, happiness and heartburns, Innocence is at the heights of what it’s being a working mum. Really felt you were wording out the feel of us all. Good luck!!!

  9. Radhika R

    Dear Anju ma’am,
    Marvelous to read your thoughts written in simple and lucid language. The poem is interesting with its core theme which could be tied up with any of the present day working mothers. Among all , ‘Innocence’ and ‘Equality’ touched me to a greater extend … will remain close to my heart ❤️. Your melodic voice grips one to the soul of the poem .
    Expecting more rapt from you ma’am. 😍

  10. Athira Sivan

    Underrated emotions conveyed so deeply and beautifully. The everyday images makes it so familiar and relatable.

  11. Hannah Mathew

    Good job ma’am….Being a feminist I am happy to read it again and agian..keep exploring and updated..waiting for more 😍😍

  12. Beena Sukumaran

    after listening the first thought that stretched itself across my mind was ” it happens…. it happens everywhere …everytime”-what your poems speak about.

    1. Dinta Sunny

      Dear ma’am
      Simply loved your poems❤❤

  13. Arya

    Ma’am…be it your lectures in class or these lovely lines, you always steal our hearts.♥️ Love,pride and best wishes.Keep going..misse..🌸

  14. Sariga Devasia

    I loved all poems, but Efficiency and Equality touched my heart. Your recital brought back the memories of our Degree class where you taught us Poems and transformed complex concepts into simple ones. And this I saw in your poems. Although your poems are written in simple language, it lingers in our mind.

  15. Lakshmi

    Awesome lines Anju……impressed by their simplicity, elegance and vigour….long way to go…..best wishes.

  16. Sheryl

    Wonderful work Anju. Hearty congratulations and best wishes.

  17. Anpu George

    Read them all, “Efficiency” touched me the most
    A heaped tablespoon of resilience, a teaspoon of remorse and a generous sprinkle of ‘regularity of this all’ the gourd curry got made again and again..!!!

  18. Suju Vargho

    Beautiful lines Anju. There’s no other canvas than a paper and pen to reflect your thoughts and expressions. Keep going.

  19. Hana M. Leghu

    Dearest Maam, it was such a joy hearing you recite these poems after so many years! Oh this takes me back to those class hours filled with the ripples of your sweet voice, gently leading us into the world of “The Great Gatsby”! Each of these poems have a strange beauty to it. Spectacular and serene like you😘.

  20. Athira C S

    Simply beautiful… and the reciting adds more color to it Misse😘😍

  21. Luby

    Loved all your poems Anju. ❤️

  22. Smitha George

    Beautifully written Anju …enjoyed every bit of it …loved Equality the most..

  23. Blessy

    Anju, loved your poems… enjoyed listening to you reciting them even more… keep writing more… congrats and all the best… Blessy

  24. Amrutha Rinu Abraham

    Anju..Reading these lines that come out of your life gives me a sweet experience….go ahead dear friend….

  25. Susan Thomas

    Beautiful Anju.reality blended with imagination.’Equality & innocence’ touched me more.Alliteration&Assonance decorates it.felt the beauty of iambic penta.As a working woman I could feel my own experiences throughout the lines.your tounge is touched with the fire of poetry. Go ahead.come out with more.God bless

    1. DP

      Holding true to your persona, these poems are thought provoking and emotionally endearing at the same time. Your poems begin at home in the voice of a woman/girl and end in an otherwise unexplored domain of insight. Therein lies the beauty of the conflicts you present. Cheers!

  26. Rini

    Your poem is really great…and hearing you reciting the same is even more… Keep writing.. Best wishes.. Rini

  27. Shayari

    I’m proud of you ma’am and proud to be your student.Feels like to be sitting in the class. Go ahead. God bless you ma’am.

  28. Nithya

    I loved Efficiency the best , Anju. Keep writing.😍

  29. RK

    Love them all, but ‘Efficiency’ the most. Beautiful how with such simplicity and directness you bring such depth of emotion and feeling. Lovely.

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