#49. Uma Valluri

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The treasure I was sitting on

A brand new car and miles to go

The year started with great gung-ho


Overland drives and overseas tour

The road beckoned with its own allure


And then came March and the deadly virus

No big deal, it can’t be happening to us


A curfew day turned into weeks of lockdown

And weeks turned into months of global meltdown


Make do with less, make do online

A new life emerged, called it quarantine


And out of the blue I got literally smitten

With vegetables, grains and more from my kitchen


Faces, scenes, birds, animals and flowers

Kitchen art engaged me longer than hours


In English and Hindi, words would flow

Likes and followers began to grow


My cycle became my bosom friend

Walks and long rides made a lovely blend


Clocked more than a thousand miles

Far exceeded by the number of my smiles


The year that was, unusual no doubt

Turned my life upside down and inside out


The treasure was right here and right now

Every moment was indeed a big wow!

After 35 years of a professional life spanning academics and industry, as a computer scientist, Uma prefers to just engage in activities that she enjoys or is good at, like mentoring students and teachers and life coaching. In the process of working with her own challenges, in the last 20 years, she has analysed life from different perspectives. Creating art from material available in her kitchen – vegetables, pulses, grains, fruits, peels, cutlery, pasta, noodles, papad… has opened up vistas of inspiration for her. The road and its sights and adventures hold great fascination for this avid driver.

Her works can be found at https://photos.app.goo.gl/2LE2auPut1v455HM6

She blogs at http://umavalluri.wordpress.com/

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