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There is not a dull moment in Neerada Suresh’s world. A sense of restlessness and anticipation mediated by intense silences pervades her poetic vision. She transforms the banal and the mundane into powerful images. The people inhabiting her poems are intensely conscious of the incongruities and open-endedness that govern their lives. The poet K. Satchidanandan writes of her as being “Intensely self critical with a dominating urban experience and aesthetic vitality”

Her ability to hold up to the light, minute aspects of everyday life, has won her numerous awards such as the Surya Award for Poetry (twice in a row) and the KATHA & British Council Translation Award, New Delhi. She has published two volumes of poetry – Bonsais and Reeds In the Wind ( DC Books ) and is currently working on her third collection of poetry. Apart from being featured in some of the foremost literary publications of India, her poetic voice has also reached places as far flung as the UK, Turkey and New Zealand.

In a freewheeling chat with Samyuktapoetry, Neerada talked about what her poetry encompasses- “ …an inner world in interpersonal  relationships, family, nature and moments in everyday life. I look at man-woman relationships in particular, portraying below the surface depths, certain thought processes, palpable but unuttered. There is an underlying tartness and tension of unresolved issues, feelings, which may get resolved or not take off at all. For me, writing poetry is all about focusing on a moment that is captured in all its intensity, a moment that cannot be caged in words. An ordinary moment takes on an extraordinary dimension.” This week, we feature six of Neerada’s poems that talk of love, ambivalence, tenderness, indignation and tea.

Neerada Suresh is currently the Chairperson of the Literary Forum of Kerala International Centre of which Mr.TP Sreenivasan, former diplomat is the Director General. She can be contacted at neerada52@gmail.com.


It was always the same scenario,
the same line.
While I made tea
on a rusty red stove
he stood watching
leaning by the door
and then said,
I like the cut of your dress
as though it were a cue
to turn the stove on to sim
and let the simmering within
come to a boil.
And before anything could spill
the tea was made and drunk
in a silence
battered down by banal words.


When Rohan Kaul is away
his house comes alive
in a disorderly way .

Newspapers  look
fluffed up, opened out and read through .
Shoes, unaligned against the wall
laze around in exciting zig zags.
Misshapen cushions compete with curtains
to excel in a shameless disarray .
Paintings on walls in mute glee
sport lopsided grins.

But when Rohan Kaul is in ,
newspapers stand stacked,
compressed ,breathing in.
Shoes align themselves
awed, open mouthed.
Paintings, curtains ,cushions, sofas
all tell a tamed tale.

Rohan Kaul is away weekdays
and arrives weekends
to align himself with my friend Promilla
who defies
a certain kind of alignment.

Connect ...

Look at me
when you talk to me.
Don’t you want to gauge
my responses-
the curl of my lips
or that fleck of a smile
in amusement or derision?
Don’t you wish to catch
that gleam or cloud
in my eyes when
you fast forward through
plans of our  future  together  ?

Not a call to account
or settle scores.
Just a plea
to measure, treasure me
with all those tells
that tell me apart .
A plaintive plea
to get you clued in into that
impalpable essence of me
when the noon sun casts
a soporific spell
and we run into each other
at a bend in the road
in a crowd.
Or at the close of the day
when my soul swells
with infinite awakenings
Braille read my nuances
in my drawing room
where the western sky
spills dappled, speckled
onto the tiled floor.

For Once

For once
just stop
trying to be nice,
be yourself.
So much easier
to know
where I stand
or don’t.
Tired of
trying to read
between the lines
between words
in their spaces
weaning myself
away from the truth
let me read
the lines
for once
just this once
to make sense
or nonsense
of what is
and is not
between us.


He always came
when the chrysanthemums bloomed .
Not a deliberately timed arrival though.
The staked, serrated white blooms
stark white in the darkening winter dusk
he hardly noticed.
Ushering him in,her bashful glance,
trembling fingers, split second confusion
he noticed.

Before he took leave,
in the awkward silence – thirty seconds-
he bought time
fingering the spiky,
ticklish texture of the flowers and asked
in blissful botanical ignorance
the usual question:
Are these…dahlias or marigolds ?
Too polite to correct
she ‘d smile – a wide smile –
her lashes lowered- and
the chrysanthemums paled
into insignificance.
The evening
stretched to its elastic limits
catapulted into night.

What she didn’t know was
that he had always known
they were chrysanthemums.

On A Cold Evening

On a cold evening
when the sudden showers
had shocked and soaked
the casuarines
the sky I saw through
the wind teased branches,
the rain drenched leaves,
was suddenly the color
of  your hair and eyes.
Sheltered under casuarines
between us no looks, no words.
Only an awareness of the frogs
croaking, croaking in the rain,
the scent of the dank wood
and the night.
An awareness of the impalpable
nuances of a hundred  subtle looks
weaving themselves into
a thousand invisible strands,
entwining us on this cold,
dark, rain drenched evening,
when the color of the sky
I saw through the murky branches
was suddenly the color
of your eyes and hair

(c) Copyright: Neerada Suresh

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  1. promila kaul

    The blog is visually a treat with the Laburnum flowers.

    1. Samyukta Poetry

      Thankyou Ms. Promila, please keep visiting these pages for more poems and poets!

      1. Rosemary

        These poems, remind me of the miniature paintings of the 9 th century. Such vibrant lives masterfully depicted on a tiny canvas. The poet depicts intense emotions with surprising brevity. I love her poems for their frankness.

  2. Padmanabhan

    Beautiful compositions; keep writing

    1. Samyukta Poetry

      Thankyou for your lovely words…looking forward to your continued participation.

  3. drthulasicanada

    I have been able to read most of her works, and have signed copies of both her books of poems. Makes delightful reading on what she sees in , in her own words, a slice of life. And she presents herself with that tinge of wry humour which is simply classy.
    Dr Thulasi. Canada.

    1. Samyukta Poetry

      Thankyou Dr.Thulasi…glad to hear from you all the way from Canada!

  4. Prof K Gopakumar

    An intense photography of a moment through a streaming poetry
    Prof K Gopakumar

    1. Samyukta Poetry

      That is indeed a wonderful summing up Professor. We would love to continue to have your insights.

      1. Bhuthalingam

        Very nice Neerada Your passion for poetry is writ all over as things of commonplace is interestingly poemed. Shows you are a great observer of everything around you

  5. Sandhya Nayar

    Beautiful poetry. Loved poet’s take on the asymmetrical symmetry of relationships.
    Thankyou Samyukta Poetry for this initiative. This was a satisfying Vishu Kani.

  6. Mary Cherian

    First time reading Neerada’s poetry.
    Enthralling and soothing on the mind.
    Congratulations. Keep posting.

    1. Samyukta Poetry

      Certainly Ms. Cherian! Glad to have introduced you to the world of Neerada’s poetry. Do follow our page for updates.

      1. K V Shankar

        Simple words .. a lot conveyed. For once be yourself, an expression of freedom. Ennui of being alone brings about a tinge of laziness and negating need of an orderly life.

        Good ones Mrs.Neerada Suresh

  7. Priyadarshini Agrawal

    Simply lost for words….Ms.Neerada Suresh!
    Alignment; Connect; For once;…..your poems capture, the subtle nuances of human emotions so beautifully.
    Every poem is a vivid story unravelling in the most simple yet powerful words.
    Thank you Mam! Enjoyed, every word weaved by you. Looking forward to more….Priyadarshini.

    1. Samyukta Poetry

      Thank you Ms. Agrawal. It is good know that these poems brought you such joy.

  8. Rita chandran

    I have been a fan of her works since she started writing as a teenager and cherish her books..love the way she expresses human relationships..keep on writing..Wishing the very best, Rita Chandran

  9. Ajay poddar

    Neerada’s poems leave me spellbound. The depth of her feelings and her sensitivity and subtle sensuality makes one want to know- where does this come from and how?

  10. Dinesh Kadackal

    Each of Neerada’s poems is a different treat. Drank in every single line. What a pleasure!

  11. Parvati

    Enjoyed all Beautiful poetries…Love ” Tea” and “for once”…..May God bless you to create more…

  12. Dr.Raji Menon

    You refer to simple beautiful moments in life and draw a delicate picture of them with words. Different readers can identify themselves with it in different ways and return to it time and again over a cup of tea and feel nostalgic and nice with a deep sigh and a smile on their lips . Very nice .

  13. Prabha Mathews

    Distilled images and emotions of life gleam within Neerada’s poetry as they quiver on the cusp of rebirth and transformation in the reader’s mind.

  14. Megha

    Definitely a good read! Loved the intense way of narration.

  15. Ruchi

    How beautifully you weave the words Neerada ma’am! I caught myself exclaiming ‘ oh my!’ oftentimes. Each poem has a distinct flavour. The layers are many… each reading helps discover a new spring. I have to admit ‘ On a Cold Evening’ tugged at my heartstrings and the response was palpable. Your words conjure up visuals and breathe and bring alive aspects that the mind had long forgotten. Your abilty to conjure up sediments of feelings certainly do your creative abilities justice. I shall be reading these poems again to set sail on a voyage of discovery…. look forward to more!

  16. Suma Pillai

    I always loved reading Neerada’s poems…
    Looking forward for more..

  17. Chetna Bhatt

    I loved reading all her poems specially the collection Bonsai. Her sensitivity and choice of words takes you to a new world altogether.Thoughtprovoking, subtle and heart wrenching at times. Love her style and portrayal of simple moments … keep composing and sharing.
    Good going!

  18. Suchitra Jayachandran

    I have always been an ardent fan of Neerada Suresh. I love her style of writing as it stirs my inner consciousness and satiates my search for fruitful reading. Her verbal paintings are a treat to the soul. Through unpretentious language and subtle hints she creates a world of vivid images that convey the depth of her inner musings. Words flow right from her heart embracing the readers in their warmth. Trivial and usually unnoticed occurrences of routine life are captivatingly projected in kaleidoscopic awesomeness. They invoke a sense of déja vu in the readers which takes them on a profound trip with their inner selves.
    Eagerly waiting for more poetic treats.

  19. Payal jain

    Dear Neerda,
    Enchanting words, deeply touching and soul stirring. Love your expression…..shine on and continue to weave beauty around us. Sending much love and wishes,
    Payal and Renu

  20. Prasad

    What I like about the poems is the celebration of the ordinay,
    of the every day: I look up after reading a poem and notice
    not a painting but a tubelight askance on the wall. The ability to
    catch minute details is a great strength in the poetry of Neerada.
    I liked the pace of ‘Tea’ , of how quickly it conveys so much before
    it ends. What I admire even more is the value given to relationships
    in the poems. I’m glad to read them here.

  21. Mithun Murali

    Simply gorgeous! The ease with which you use language

  22. Zanu

    Very good

  23. Lakshmi Mohan

    Oh what a beautiful collection. I could visualize tea boiling on a rusty stove, Rohan Kaul’s immaculate home, Stark white chrysanthemums in the the darkening winter dusk and the rain drenched leaves of casuarine!! Vivid picturesque images of day to day life! Oh! They are like paintings….What a delightful read. Hats off! Waiting for the next book!

  24. madan nair

    You lift the ordinary to the extraordinary by your simple verse. Your poems are a bouquet of fragrances, colours, flavours and experiences.
    You explore relationships without giving them labels.Your verse tend to provoke thought and introspection.
    Please continue to pen regularly.

    1. Sudha Vasant

      Romanticism so subtly conveyed .It’s a treat
      to read your poetry that so touches the inner chord of our emotions. Simple day to day situations so artistically portrayed.God bless your talent ! Looking forward to more poetry from you!

  25. Mandira Ghosh

    Awesome superb imagery .poems r distinct n marked by imagination . Congratulations Alignment is an absolutely remarkable n tea is also fantastic.
    Keep on writing .

  26. Suneetha S

    Thought provoking poems, analysing critically man woman relationships.
    Thank you Samyukta.Pleasure reading them.

  27. Girija Ramachandran

    Leonardo da Vinci said: “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” ― Neerada’s poems are indicative of her painting skills using her play of seemingly simple words to describe her intensity of thoughts.

  28. Zanu


  29. Kamala Radhakrishnan

    I can always relate to her poems.
    She touches a woman’s life …so true and subtle..

  30. Prof Parameshwar P Iyer

    Very live and lively play of words. Also very deep and very moving. I felt that Neerada was right in front of me, talking and interacting with me. Very powerful writings, that bring out all the passion and romance in the poetess. A real , live experience for me. Could keep reading on and on

  31. Arunachalam Bhavani Shanker

    Nice poetry on simple events .
    Keen observation and knack of making simple feelings noticeable

  32. Viji

    Good one ! Enjoyed reading it.

  33. Babu Philip

    I am glad to express my appreciation of the wonderful works of my classmate, Mrs. Neerada Suresh, who transforms trivial and trifling events of human life into deep thoughts and powerful images using her profound poetic imagination. She is blessed with an exceptional ability to sense the innermost feelings of man and meditate upon the minute moments of his daily life with excellent insight to compose exquisite poems with extraordinary beauty.
    Prof. Dr. Babu Philip, Former Professor, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala.

  34. Rathi Menon

    Your poems are soul touching, Neerada. Waiting for more poems

  35. Radha Nair

    Neerada.. I am overwhelmed by your talent. Of course I have loved hearing you read your poems at our meeting of the poetry club, but I now realize that they were just the tip of the iceberg. I could totally identify with Alignment, shook my head in delight at the last line in Chrysanthemums and am even now murmuring some of the most evocative lines from Tea. Way to go girl…you have a die hard fan here😍

  36. Jyothi Unniraman

    I have been one of your poetry’s earliest fans…..there is a simplicity about your writing which is appealing to my sensibilities . Very touching ….

  37. SATHI N

    Neerada Ma’am,
    Wonderful ❣️ thoughts written .
    Simply Awesome 👍😊
    I could connect with the simplicity of the ordinary words used with extraordinary brilliance, like a whiff of fresh air,
    an inner stirring and an inner urge to read again.
    Looking forward to many more …
    With loads of love 😍

  38. Geethamohan

    Read your poems very interesting liked them keep writing

  39. Veena. R

    Beautiful poems. So simple but so profound. Really enjoyed all of them.

  40. Anjana

    Beautiful poems… mundane happenings written so well that they have a life of their own…

  41. Sunilkumar B

    Beautiful poems.
    Do continue.

  42. jayasreesasidharan

    Beautiful Neerada.
    One feels the presence of people there. You use simple words to create such images.
    “Bonsai” is still vivid in my mind.
    You have come a long way.
    Waiting for more.

    1. Reshmi R Prasad

      Awesome, really enjoyed reading the poems.Your poetic mind finds some thing special in the most ordinary things around you . Really admires your work.You are great .Looking forward for more …

    2. Reshmi R Prasad

      Awesome, really enjoyed reading the poems.Your poetic mind finds some thing special in the most ordinary things around you . Really admire your work.You are great .Looking forward for more …

  43. Radha Nair

    Neerada, I opened the site and OMG… your poems are awesome. I especially loved Alignment😊… it brought back so many memories of running around tidying my room before my parents came back😍Some of the lines in Tea are haunting and the punch line in Chrysanthemums is awesome.

  44. Sandhya Santhosh

    Wonderful..enjoyed all beautiful poetries.. Mam u r great..

  45. Geetha Nair G.

    I have always admired Neerada’s masterly choosing, gathering of words and their seemingly effortless and natural arrangement. The complete consort dances neatly together in poem after poem.
    The six poems here are controlled yet evocative; bright with insight and suggestiveness… .

  46. K Kunhikrishnan

    Had the pleasure of reading six poems featured here. All the poems are full of evocative imageries and I liked the end in the first two, so typical and dramatic: chrysanthemums which he knew already and of drink inking the tea after the banal words are examples. A cathartic effect.Apt usage of short words( exceptions like soporific, not withstanding, to create an effect and metaphor are commendable. Pregnant meanings which one looks for good poetry, leaving the reader to multiple interpretations are galore. Great reads in general.

  47. Ragini krishnan

    Hi…neerada…beautiful poems..I like the 5th one ‘chrysanthemum’ ..because I still have the experience with a neighbour …that he knows fully well the name of that particular flower…but wants an answer from my mouth…

  48. K Ramesh

    I enjoyed reading Neerada’s poems. They are deceptively simple!

  49. Anu Francis, Assistant Professor, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta.

    Simply irresistible!! The charm of the familiar and the ordinary stretched to the extraordinary messiness of existence and relationships… Simmering emotions boiling into a potent brew at once seductive, unnerving and stimulating… Subtlety of violence flirting around the dainty delights of everyday…
    Truly, a poetic embrace the leaves one aching for more…

  50. Shekhar vijayan

    Your poetry is Almost like eating a well made biryani . The poetry builds up on the senses And the intellect . Each word in this poem has so many layers, that It an impression long after the poem has been savoured .

  51. Meera

    Reading these pieces of poetry give the effect of having watched an intense short film, or being immersed in a beautiful scenery or painting. Love these, especially “Connect”, “For Once” and “On a Cold Evening”. Please do keep writing!

  52. Dr Satish Krishnan

    Many of the words still linger on probing your inner self.
    Chryasthamums brought back memories of Charles Dickens as he was find on mentioning these flowers often in his books. You have a languid style . Continue writing and let us enjoy your creativity.

  53. Neelima Sharma

    Neerada’s poetry is straight from the depth of the heart and reaches the core of one’s being. I have been a ardent follower of her poetry right from the early 20’s.
    I wish her all success and best wishes.

  54. Shrutika

    Love the way nuances of human emotions are captured through comparisons with everyday chores and objects..don’t think I can experience drinking tea or watching the rain the way after reading your writing. Stunning!
    Can’t wait to read more!

  55. Rati

    Enjoyed the poems.Keep writing

  56. Dr. Jameela Begum

    Dr. Jameela Begum
    It has always been a treat to read your poems , Neerada, right from your bonsai poems that you presented years back in Delhi. You have come a long way engulfing the epicentre of emotions and thought in your crystalised and vibrant images. Your vision of the entangled relationship with the earth savour of the music and rythm of life. Looking forward to seeing more of your poems.

  57. Seema

    Love reading your poetry. It’s simple, free flowing yet stirs up some forgotten moments from one’s memory. My personal fav.. Chrysanthemum! Waiting to read your collection of work.

  58. Lakshmi Kumar

    The way that you distill each moment down to its purest, most emotional essences is truly special. Poem after poem, I feel like I’m entering private worlds I wouldn’t be otherwise allowed into. I can’t wait for more.

  59. Athira Harish

    Really heart touching poems..related to our day to day Lifes..close to the Lives of common people like me who have poor poetic skills😋 Keep writting and inspiring us Neerada Maam..🤗

  60. Kalyani S

    “Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar.”
    — Percy Bysshe Shelley,
    Your gift of weaving day to day situations into simple, eloquent poems is an art which i long to possess. Each line is a literary lover’s paradise and each poem is an atemporal haven of language. The poem ‘For Once’ really resonated with me. In a world where anyone can be anything, a poem which pleads for originality is truly exceptional. I enjoyed the poem ‘Connect’ for its veracious account. The plea for affinity is not uncommon in this world. ‘Chrysanthemums’ was another one of your gems that i savored. You are truly an inspiration for me and for all the budding poets. I thank you for a precious hour of delight and I hope that I will be enjoying your literary expertise in the near future.
    With all my love,

  61. Saraswathi Mohan

    I love all the poems, they are all beautiful, I closed my eyes and I could visualize them all..I am waiting for your next book for my collection.

  62. Lakshmi

    Loved your crisp succinct style with it’s very vivid imagery. Am amazed at the way in which you infuse poetry into the most mundane. Every line resonates with the contemporary reader.

  63. Dr.Nileena

    Beautifully written.. truly enjoyed reading your poems,
    loved chrysanthemums and connect

  64. Lakshmi Kannan

    The poems Tea, Alignment, Connect…, For Once and the other poems by Neerada reach me with a directness that I respect in poetry. Or in any form of writing. Such an unflinching gaze on which nothing is lost! All the unsaid gestures are absorbed bravely, without any sentimental interpretation.

  65. Sanjana santhosh

    Such a beautiful collection ma’am. On reading the poem ‘tea’ I could visualize the rusty stove. Among the six I like ‘chrysanthemum’ very much. Waiting for your next collection ma’am

  66. Harsh Cairae

    Beautiful sentiments sweetly expressed.

  67. Lakshmi Anandam

    The poems have a touch of reality, very thoughtful and words having deep meaning. Good initiative. Looking forward to more of your poems

  68. Phoebe Thornock

    Such an enchanting collection!

  69. Mansa Pande

    Your poetry gladdens the heart and refreshes the mind. Please keep it coming.You paint such vivid pictures with just a flick of words. Loved Alignment.
    Thank you Neerada Ma’am for this feast!

  70. Aarti

    A distinctive style marked with a crisp tone, and hued with a candid cut sets apart your lyrical writing. Awed by your poetic diction!

  71. Natraj Pillai

    A mother of two,i would rather address her as the iron lady of the family..Her work speaks her personality.

    She has been writing these poems for many years and we can see her real life and character through these poems.

    Very simple thoughtful and realistic is what i relate through her poems.

    Reading Connect has put a smile on my face and I am sure many will be able to relate to most of her poems in their life experience.

    keep going and there is so much expected from u and so many of us are looking up to you..

  72. Rema Shankar

    Beautiful Composition, unravelling a miniature painting in the most simplest but powerful manner. You have expressed human emotions so beautifully. Truly you are a great observer. Your poems are so soothing and enthralling, topics of every day life. Enjoyed every one of them.

  73. Deepti BALAGOPAL

    ‘Connect’ could connect to me, to my likes and definitely to your thoughts !
    Enjoyed reading it with my 2 children, thanks for the reason you gave us to see the world beautifully through relations, colours and simple things that are around but many a times we miss to remark.
    We continue to admire your work ! 😊

  74. Jyothi Alva

    Beautiful composition! So soothing and the nuances of daily life have been captured and put into such beautiful words.

  75. N. Ramachandran

    Reading and re-reading Neerada

    I take time
    to read;
    read, forget,
    ruminate and chew,
    the surreal hues
    in careless, unplanned drifts along a band from the experiential
    to the heuristic.
    drinking in
    between words suspended
    between the rusty red stove and the simmering promise of tea
    trying to be nice
    all the time.

  76. Pamela

    Neerada picks things which we may not notice in our busy life. She puts life in them through her well chosen words. Her poetry can be enjoyed by all age groups. I hope she continues her contribution to the world of literature in the form of poetry. Wish her all the best.

  77. Anup

    Superb there is life in it
    During this lockdown period this has come as refreshing and rejuvenating
    Well written Neerada

  78. Aditya Nellithaya

    The list of Unique Poems automatically catches our concentration.
    Then inner feeling is in the form of poem.
    It shows that every line is written from Heart.
    During the “Lockdown” these beautiful composition of poem made me Delightful..
    We hope that the list of your other poems will also publish soon and as a “fan” of yours I am waiting for it…

  79. Deepti Talpade

    Loved the poem ‘Tea’ and ‘Chrysanthemums’ Neerada ma’am. Both are extremely simple and romantic.

  80. Ardra Balachandran

    What a celebration of the mundane in your poems! Loved this deep dive into many private worlds, in a matter of few words; but the choicest words. Especially loved “Connect…” Much love!

  81. Gopal Marar

    The best compliment you can pay to Neerada’s poetry is that people who don’t ordinarily read poetry read it, and usually like it. In fact they often love it. They are shocked; they didn’t know poetry could be enjoyable in this way (or enjoyable at all, very often!), that the thick skin of ‘adulthood’ could be peeled back, so to say, and one could be made to see, and feel, so intensely – and simply.

    I ask the teachers here, Why is such poetry not in school and college textbooks? It VERY much needs to be.

    First, it will show students that poetry can be direct and interesting, and not necessarily boring, heavy or obscure.

    Second, children will learn that, if they want, they can observe Reality as it is, even after passing into adulthood.

    Third, they will learn (particularly the girls) that it is okay to express themselves; that writing is a form of liberation.

  82. T.P. Sreenivasan

    I chanced upon a collection of Neerada Suresh’s poems in Samyukta Poetry and it was a delight to read her again. I owe it to her for bringing me back to the world of poetry several years after I left it to pursue a diplomatic career. I had thought that poetry and peacemaking would not mix. When I met her and Suresh in Istanbul some years ago, she gave me a copy of Bonsai, which ignited a spark. Mixed with friendship, her poetry became part of my literary interest. I may have read every poem she has cared to make public and reading each one was an enlightening experience. For variety of themes and styles, she is truly remarkable. She is adept in handling mundane and domestic issues as well as philosophical concepts. Her breezy style attracts connoisseurs and commoners alike.

    Neerada’s passion for poetry gave me the idea of a Litforum as part of the Kerala International Centre.
    Today, the Litforum attracts more participants than its political segment. Her organising skills and commitment have left an imprint on the forum. We are waiting to end the lockdown of the forum for a much needed rejuvenation.

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